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Volt is a future proof payment service and digital money platform, that makes payments faster and cheaper, whilst eliminating card fraud. This innovative solution displaces incumbent payment participants such as Visa and MasterCard through deployment of latest technology; enabled by recent Open Banking (PSD2) regulatory initiatives in Europe and beyond.

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Faster, cheaper

Increase cash flow by getting paid in real-time, at a fraction of the cost. Unsure if your SEPA DD will go through? Real time account checks can eliminate bank penalties by only requesting payment when you are sure there is money in the account

Eliminate friction

Combine the speed of our platform with your existing SEPA direct debits and you have a near frictionless solution at an unbeatable price

No chargebacks

Every transaction is executed within a secure banking environment. Conventional chargebacks are a thing of the past.

Balance checks

Check with the bank if your customer has the money in their bank account to pay and enjoy all the savings that come with that knowledge.

Zero fraud

Biometrics deliver ultimate security. There simply are no card details that can be stolen

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for Consumers

Simplify your life with our payment passport.

Gone are the days of having to input your card information and personal data. Simply enter your email address. Your existing mobile bank app will then prompt you for authorisation; your payment is complete.

Ultimate security with tokenization.

Tokenization: a big word for a simple concept. Your data gets converted into code that no hacker will ever understand. The code is sent across the network, not your card or personal information.

Pay by bank. The most secure way to pay.

Presumably you trust your bank with your money, otherwise you wouldn’t bank with them right? Card details can be lost and stolen, and used to make illicit transactions. Your bank account cannot. #phew


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